Want more?

These days, we’re all about getting the most out of life that we can.  At least, I know I am.  I want what I call my ‘minute’s worth’ in pretty much everything I do.  So, I like to streamline things.

With that said, I have something for YOU.   Rather than trying to search out what I have coming out or hoping to catch information on new releases written by me, I have set up a link where you can sign up to be notified in your inbox as soon as it happens!  Yep, that’s right!  No more waiting around and having to search through Amazon or Barnes and Noble by author name hoping I’ve come out with something new.  You will be notified via email the moment it happens.

Just click this link:  http://books2read.com/author/sc-hutchinson/subscribe/1/28167/


Want to be added to my newsletter for a chance to win free e-books, swag, or even a signed paperback?  Just email me at author.sc.hutchinson@gmail.com and type “Subscribe me” in the subject heading.  I don’t flood your inbox, nor do I share email addresses.  I just want to communicate with you and let you know what’s new.  


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