Release Day!!!!

I LOVE release day!  It’s always so fun to see your book ‘go live’!  It’s even more fun to see the bloggers who opted to review your books cuss you for the cliff hangers and crack the whip to make you write the next part ASAP, because they NEED it!!!  I love my fellow bloggers.


Here are the reviews thus far:

By Maari on January 27, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

I need more! >_<
Really? This book. It is the epitome of keeping me on my toes. Just when I thought I had figured something out, then a curve ball was thrown.. then I thought I knew, but nope, not even close!! Very good book! I am ready for the next book, please!?

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Format: Kindle Edition

Donna;s Reveiw 4 stars ****

Melody Quinn and James Ashton are both police detectives
with special qualifications and they both need a change in scenery.
Melody sets out for Landers, Wyoming where she is going to work for their police department.
James wants away from his ex, so he leaves Mississippi for Landers, also.
Melody starts at the police department and James comes on the next day.
Captain Marcus thinks since they have similar qualifications they would make good partners.
Neither one wants a partner but they have to do what they are told.
He assigns them to a murder, while Melody is working on a missing person.
She finds they are one in the same person.
Bodies start to pop up and suddenly someone else is implicated as the killer.
The book is good but it is a cliffhanger and I HATE THEM.
I review so much for my daughter’s blog
I only like stand alones but it’s not the author’s fault I requested reading it.
Now I can’t wait to see what happens, but it better not be drug over six more books.
This book does contain profaniity and sex so it isn’t for all.
To be fair to the author the story was really good and held my interest

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Format: Kindle Edition

I was given an ARC of this in exchange for an honest review.

My first thoughts were “oh my God, what???”
How can you leave us hanging like that?
That cliffhanger!! Although i was prepared for the book to end on one, i wasn’t expecting that. In fact the whole book was unexpected.

I went into it not knowing much about the book OR the author and for once and i am glad i didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled at how much i enjoyed reading it. It was very cleverly written and obviously well researched. It always gives me goosebumps when an author takes us into the mind of psychopath and this was no different.
It was utterly compelling and made you want to read more.
It is a relatively short read that leaves you begging for more.

I gave it 5 stars but would have given it 6!
I can’t wait for the next installment.

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With this said, I want to extend my gratitude to those who leave reviews, not only for me but for all indie authors.  You may not realize this, but we THRIVE off of reviews.  We like knowing what we’re doing right and what we need to work on.  Genuine reviews are like mother’s milk—nothing like it (unless it’s a pint of Guiness)!  LOL….

So, I leave you with this today, loves:  May the road rise up to meet you!


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