Hi.  I’m SC Hutchinson, and I’m a bibliophile!

Welcome everyone participating in the #GiftABook giveaway!  I hope you are enjoying your books, but most of all I hope that you decide to continue following my blog!

Let me tell you a little about what I do here.  Obviously, I’m an author, but I do so much more than that on a daily basis.  I also promote other authors’ works.  See, I believe that indie authors should help each other.  So, you will not only see books that I have written, but you’ll see some others I find interesting as well.

Also, I like interacting with readers–whether you read my work or not.  I love books and pretty much anything to do with reading/writing.  So, feel free to interact here on my blog.  If you hear of a really awesome read that you couldn’t put down, let me know about it.  I don’t have a WHOLE lot of time to read, but I have no problem investigating a particular book if you feel super strongly about it and possibly making a blog post about it here or on my primary book blog ( breakingthebarriersblog.blogspot.com).

Yep, you read that right!  I also host a blog specifically about books.  If you click that link above, you’ll be taken to my main blog where there are *almost* daily posts about new releases and blog tours for other books by many other authors.  I believe the most recent post is about a book titled, ‘Goodnight, Sweetheart’, which is wayyyy better than ‘The Notebook’!

So, have fun and let me know what you think!!!


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