First, I am overwhelmed with the response I have received via Gift A Book post!!!  Thank you all!  I hope that you enjoy the books you have received thoroughly.  Remember, reviews are a way to hug an author.  So, if you feel I need a hug (or you want to throw your kindle because of something you read), let me know!

Also, this part is VERY important:  If you have recently followed my blog as part of #GiftABook post, PLEASE ensure you have emailed me your kindle address so that I know to send you the free book of your choosing between Alabama Sweet Tea and Like My Status.  

If you have any questions about what you read or anything else, feel free to ask.  I’m an open book (pardon the cheesy pun).

My lovely PA, Shannon White, also has a blog.  I will be sharing that here soon in a separate post when I go to bragging on how awesome of a friend she is and all that jazz!

I will be at three signings this year, but only two of them am I actually signing books.

The first one is Booking in Biloxi next month on the 19th in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The second one is in Winchester, Virginia May 20/21

The final one is in Nashville, TN on September 20/2 (Authors at the Opry).   Come and see me!!!

But most importantly, thank you again for taking a chance on this author.  I really hope above everything else that you enjoy the books.


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