New Followers

I always like to try to welcome those who are new to following my blog.  Please, if you are comfortable with doing so, add a comment to this post and tell me about yourself.  What kind of books strike your fancy?  Do you attend book signings to see authors you like?  Who is your favorite author (doesn’t HAVE to be me, though I would be honored to be held in such high regard).  What makes a book a ‘no-go’ for you?  What attracts you to a new author/book?  Is it the cover or the synopsis?  Do you like to pre-order your books or wait until release?  Do you like posting reviews about the book?


Authors are just people, too.  We have families, friends, hobbies (outside of writing), and all sorts of things.  I’ll be posting random things from time to time.  I like hearing from readers.  So, tell me…

I can’t wait to hear from you.


Welcome to my page, A Book Addict’s Delight, sunnilovestoread, and lacombejc!


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