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…but I also help other indie authors achieve their dream of being published.  I’m not “officially” a publisher, but I do manage basic promotions (via social media), cover design, formatting, and editing for those authors.  I also seek to help them learn what I already know and what I am learning still about the indie world.  Recently, I had the honor and privilege of helping a first-time author by the name of Charlotte Winters.  Her story is rather unique.  Most authors I run across have always had dreams of publishing, write for the love of it, or just want to try something new.  Most authors I run across simply cannot afford the up front costs that many publishers are now requiring of authors (regardless of how good the story is).  So, I helped bring to publication Goodnight Sweetheart.   However, I could not have done it without the promotional help of Melissa Earnest (her daughter) and Charlotte could not have gotten the book completed on time without Natalie Russell-Robb (also Charlotte Winters’ daughter).


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Here’s the scoop:


Charlotte Winters is the author of Goodnight Sweetheart, an endearing love story about her parents, James and Mary Winters.  The idea for the novel began with the smallest of seeds—the discovery of four months of love letters between her parents during their courtship.  The story goes that in 1957, James and Mary Jane met on a blind date while James was on leave with the Air Force. Word has it that it was love at first sight. They got engaged that very same night. Four months later, James took Jane to be his wife. They went on to have two precious children. Years flew by and their love grew stronger every day. In 2004, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer. Soon thereafter, James was diagnosed with prostate cancer. They bother overcame the odds with flying colors. After that, Jane was diagnosed with leukemia and began taking her treatments. In 2011 Jane was diagnosed with Dementia. It’s such a heart-breaking disease. She would think they were in someone else’s house when they were at home. She would think that family members were living in their home when they weren’t. She would think deceased family members were still alive. James tried his very best to take care of her the best he could. Then one day, the family had to make the heart breaking decision to place her in the nursing home. The first few weeks were really rough. She always wanted Papaw with her at night to sleep by her, but it was against the policy of the nursing home (which is understandable). Having been a Sunday school teacher the majority of their marriage, and he, tending to the church yard, doing odd and end chores around the church- through all of the emotional pain, their faith in God never ceased. She now thinks that the nursing home is where she “works”. Sometimes she thinks it’s school where she teaches. Papaw made two trips to church on Sunday morning. The first, was to be with her in church at the nursing home so she didn’t have to worship alone. In 2014, Cancer made itself known again in the life of James. This time, it came with vengeance. After James’ first cancer surgery, he was able to stay at the same hospital that is a joined to the nursing home. For a solid two weeks, they got to see each other. That was a very happy time for them; but on January 11, 2015, James won the race having been granted entry into the pearly gates in Heaven

Ms. Winters has two daughters, Natalie Russell-Robb and Melissa Earnest.  All live in Mississippi.  100% of the profits from the sale of the book will go toward funding the I Carried the Cross Foundation, a 503(c) charity that supports the needs of our nation’s veterans and toward Alzheimer’s Research.


Alzheimer’s Disease, which goes on to include many forms of dementia, is a cruel disease.  It is irreversible.  For more information on Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, please visit:  https://www.nia.nih.gov/alzheimers/publication/alzheimers-disease-fact-sheet


Goodnight Sweetheart

Paperback Front.jpg

Written by:  Charlotte Winters

Published by:  SC Hutchinson and Breaking the Barriers Author Services

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“Darling, I am praying for you every day and night and for our dreams to come true.”

~ James Winters ~

Two halves of the same soul

Stitched together by the hand of God…

Praise for Goodnight Sweetheart

“I enjoyed this book very much. it took me back to a time when life was hard but life was simpler then. Family, God and country meant everything. I loved the fact that this young couple met for the first time and just knew they would be together forever. I have the Kindle version so there weren’t any pics. I would love to see the pics they talked about and ones of their family. Janes family had quite a few children in it and I would love to know how they all did.” ~ Kathy Long, Reviewer.

“Phenomenal story of true love.  They don’t make love like this anymore. ~ SC Hutchinson, author of Alabama Sweet Tea, The Highland Stones, Into the Darkness from the Light, Stirrings of Darkness, and Like My Status,

Goodnight Sweetheart

Book Trailer #1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xtfJIrmz4k

Book Trailer #2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yb1BUBZ5Oss



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