If you haven’t noticed by now, my first three books have been pulled from their platforms.  The reason for this is that I have had them re-edited and will be re-releasing them soon.

Highland Stones:  This book will be made into a stand-alone and completed rather than turned into a series.  This means the book will be longer and have more detail than the previous version.  The newest cover (pictured below) will remain with just a few adjustments.  Anticipated re-release:  April 10, 2016.  

HighlandStonesNewCoverMy book, ‘Into the Darkness from the Light’ and ‘Stirrings of Darkness‘ will be combined to be one book.  As this is a juvenile fiction, it still does not contain graphic scenes, but is geared more toward teens/young adults.  There will be a brand new cover which will be showcased come March 1st, 2016.  Re-release expected May 10, 2016 under a new title TBA.  


Alabama Magnolias, the sequel to ‘Alabama Sweet Tea‘ ( a novella previously part of the Southern Comforts anthology) will be released also in May.  Official date will be announced soon.   However, this book’s profits (every red cent) will go toward Down Syndrome and Autism Research.  I will be posting the journey of this book as we go along.  I do already have some of it written.  It should be finished and released by May.

alabama magnolias

As for the sequel to Like My Status:  I am still fleshing out the outline to that book.  I want it to be well-written, so please forgive me for taking my time.  As a ghostwriter, I am quite capable of producing a number of words easily, but I want to give my full attention to detail to my fan base–those who have stuck with me through this journey so far and those who will be reading my work for the first time.  You all are what’s important in the literary world as well as our bloggers.  So, please, PLEASE forgive me for not having it out as originally planned.  The plot will be somewhat complex and I have a few surprises in store for you in the form of some major plot twists.  


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