Taking a Trip…

My family and I are taking our first-ever family vacation!  Just six more days and a wake-up until we depart BFE, Alabama and make our way to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania!  We are so excited!

However, fear not!  This will not impact the re-releases of  my older novels, the completion of Alabama Magnolias, or Like My Status 2 (still to be titled).  As a matter of fact, I believe it will help it!

I will also be posting pictures here to share with you all from my trip!


Also a few more things to note:

On March 21, I’m attending a signing in Biloxi, MS, but not as an author.  No, I’ll be attending as an assistant to help my friend, Rhea Wiggs as this is her only signing this year.  I hope you’ll come see us!  It will be at the IP Casino.  I hope you’ll come see us!

Don’t forget, I have two signings of my own this year as well.  One is in Winchester, VA in May and the other is at the Grand Ol’ Opry in Nashville, TN in September!  Come see me!!!  I can’t wait!


So for now, my l0vely people, I bid you adieu until I return from my trip.


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