Exciting developments…

So, I’m beginning to make decent headway into ‘Love, Lies, and Funeral Ties’.  Don’t worry, Alabama Magnolias is coming along nicely as well.  Between editing, ghostwriting, and writing for my novels, I think I’m making great progress.

As of today, I’ve gotten a few more things done.  I’ve written the synopsis for ‘Love, Lies, and Funeral Ties’ as well as made a teaser for it.  I hope you like it.  And remember, share this blog with your friends.  Word of mouth is the best way to encourage an author to keep writing.

Love, Lies, and Funeral Ties
SC Hutchinson
Coming Summer 2016

Modern day Romeo and Juliet meets ‘Law Abiding Citizen’. Cadence Hamilton is not your typical college graduate. She’s not your typical anything. Murder is her game, and she’s always the winner. Then, HE steps into her life. Will she finally have her happily ever after, regaining all that she lost, or is it game over for the ice queen?

It’s graduation night. The seniors of Hope High School in Hope, Alabama are transitioning into a new life—including Cadence Hamilton. Not one of your more popular crowd, Cadence and her best friend, Shawn, still find themselves on the invite list to the graduation party held at one of their classmate’s homes. That night changes Cadence forever.
Cadence decides to leave the party a little early. On her way out, she is stopped and surrounded by three guys she doesn’t recognize. As they attempt to take unwelcome liberties with her, Shawn appears out of nowhere to save the day.
Only to be welcomed by death, courtesy of a metal pipe to the head. The silent caterpillar now breaks free from its cocoon and becomes something she never could have expected from herself.

Gage Bishop is a police officer in Birmingham, Alabama. He is married to the job just as he was to the Army when he was a Ranger, but still longs for a woman to fill more than his bed. After all, he’s only thirty. He owns his own home and has a steady job, but not every woman can handle being a cop’s wife. It’s not easy sitting there alone at night wondering if your spouse will come home alive. He almost is afraid to put any woman through it.

Then, he meets her.

Will Cadence be able to bury her demons for good, or will she lose Gage forever?

Teaser Number One


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